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An illustration describing the relationship between a physical supply chain versus a digital twin supply chain

What we do

We're solving the supply chain crisis

At, we are solving one of the biggest problems facing the world, supply chain resilience.

Manufacturers, retailers, and brands need certainty in their supply chains to fulfil their customer promises.

Our clients are moving fast to resolve the supply chain vulnerabilities which were unearthed in 2020-2021. They know a new type of thinking is required to overcome the challenges of this new unstable operating environment.


Integrated data provides viable solutions

In supply chains, there is an abundance of data but without the ability to operationalise it, the data is useless. Our digital twins provide the most actionable tool to seamlessly integrate internal operational data and external data to drive better outcomes.

Better inputs equals better outputs. Supply chain data integration is the driving force behind better outputs and more granular insights.
A diagram demonstrating all the different types of internal and external data manufacturers can use to predict risks to their supply chain.

Our Story

Conceived during the pandemic

In 2019, our founders discovered a huge issue impacting companies and society. Supply chain risk management. Cost economics had driven the globalisation of supply chains but globalisation had also exponentially increased disruption exposure. At the same time, disruption events had increased in frequency and severity.

This was a ticking timebomb. One which could also have a catastrophic human cost.  

The problem? Nobody wanted to talk about supply chain resilience in 2019.  

Fast forward four months and a pandemic had unearthed those vulnerabilities.  

It was now or never.  

The start of Kavida

One week before UK lockdown in March 2020, our CEO created a volunteer AI community The goal was to mobilise AI talent to help alleviate the issues in food supply chains. There was a clear lack of solutions. Covid had pushed 250m to the brink of starvation.  

297 engineers applied, 83 were interviewed and this created a community of 31 engineers from across the world (50% UK).  

3 months later, a core team of 7 spun off into and the rest is history.  

Our Vision

Advance humanity's capacity to withstand shocks and stresses

Our Mission:

Protect supply chains with integrated data so companies can proactively manage disruption risks.

Our Team

Photo of team member
Anam Rahman
Chief Executive Officer
Anam was a former agrifood digital transformation specialist and former agritech ventures analyst. Anam has been working on supply chain resilience problem before covid and set up the initial team
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Sumit Sinha, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Sumit holds a PhD in artificial intelligence based digital twins from Warwick University and is an IIT Kharagpur alumni. He was a consultant for supply chain tech projects for government/private entities such as Reserve Bank of India and ZS Associates.
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Aran Fernando
Head of Sales - Asia
Aran is a former medical devices sales leader from B Braun Medical where he was responsible for the company's go-to market strategy and execution in South Asia. He formerly held analyst and management roles across London and Asia after obtaining his MSc from University College London.
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Asa Sabsono
Lead Software Engineer
Asa is an Uppsala University alumni that has more than 7 years of experiences in software engineering, artificial intelligence project, and building early stage startups. She undertook machine learning research project at Spotify before teaching database and software at Uppsala University in Sweden and University of Al Azhar Indonesia.
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Sridharan M, PhD
Full Stack Architect
Sri worked at Blue Yonder where he built real time inventory management systems and big data pipelines for Costco and Walmart. He has also built supply chain solutions for the Footlocker, Walmart, Sephora and many more. Sri's solutions have saved his clients over $2.5m.
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Raghav Dave
Senior Data Scientist
Raghav has over 3+ years’ experience as a Data Scientist having served multiple customers including Home Office, Network Rail & Highways England. Specialising in MLOps, currently Raghav works as a Senior Data Scientist at Kavida bringing machine learning effectively to production.
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Malarkodi C S, PhD
Data Scientist
Malar holds a PhD in Natural Language Processing from Anna University, Chennai. She has 10 years of experience in NLP and worked in various Indian government projects focused on machine translation, information extraction and event extraction. Malar is is responsible for data analysis, validation and building an end-to-end pipeline for our real time risk detection AI
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Devansh Choubey
Data Scientist
Devansh has extensive experience leading multiple data science teams at Tata consultancy Services. He was responsible for building, architecting and developing distributed SAAS based AI products for the likes of AstraZeneca vaccine, Apollo, and Indian government Intelligence, etc
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Bhavin Siddhapura
Data Scientist
A first class aerospace engineering graduate turn data scientist and machine learning engineer. Bhavin is responsible for financial health intelligence and bankruptcy prediction of suppliers and customers
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Princy Mariayesu
Front End Developer
Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Agile Methodologies, Software Testing and Product Development. Strong engineering professional with a B.Tech focused in Information Technology from Sathyabama University.
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Nirav Parmar
Full Stack Developer
A full-stack developer and software engineer with extensive experience in Amazon Web Services(AWS), An individual with strong analytical and problem solving skills and capable of achieving results independently and in a team. Specialized in creating an accessible, fast, and effective web application.
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Avdhut Nalawade
DevOps Engineer
Avdhut has 4+ years experienced in Devops, Cloud Architect and Data Engineer. Avdhut worked at a supply chain startups specialising in retail where his role was to integrate supply chain data to existing system, pass data to train machine learning modules and integration of REST API. He is also Fond of reading and learning new technologies!
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Jose Urbano
Product Designer
Jose Urbano is a product designer based in Hong Kong. He is interested in creating user experiences on complex systems and has worked on numerous fields such as supply chain, fintech, blockchain and HR.
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Crystal Kuthoor
Graduate Analyst
Crystal Kuthoor is a graduate analyst at She is responsible for producing actionable reports, used by both industry leaders and Kavida’s management. She holds a BSc in Business and Commerce from Monash.
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Vaibhav M.
Data Integration Engineer
Vaibhav's expertise is in Python Programming Language, Statistical modelling and Predictive analytics.Also working on GCP Machine learning, Deep Learning, NLP, AI, to gain the insights of data engineering.