What is
post order

Post Order Management is the process of managing purchase orders after they have been placed. This includes tracking delivery dates, requesting documents and monitoring the status of orders. Unfortunately, many procurement managers find this process to be manual and repetitive, usually relying on long email chains and excel sheets to keep a track of everything.

The lack of visibility into the status of orders can make it difficult to identify and mitigate disruption risks with procurement managers often finding out about delays at the last minute. In today’s VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), supply chain disruptions have become routine, making the lack of visibility a bigger problem than ever before. It is essential for procurement managers to have a solid post order management strategy in place to minimise the risk of late deliveries.

How does Kavida help?

Kavida is a technology used to manage interactions between procurement teams and global suppliers after an order has been placed to ensure it arrives on time. Our PO management systems helps procurement teams detect risks earlier, build deeper supplier relationships and automate fulfilment processes so they can increase OTIF, improve visibility and better manage risks to purchase orders.

Kavida is a technology that helps you keep track of orders so you can plan production and sales with confidence. Fulfilment used to be a black box but not anymore. Kavida centralises all your tracking information, documentation and communications in one place so your procurement teams have maximum visibility of inbound orders

Abigail’s story

Procurement manager | Apparel brand

Abigail is a procurement manager for an apparel and footwear company who has a lot of purchase orders and suppliers to manage. Her company depends on her suppliers delivering on time. Yesterday, one of her suppliers, Robert’s company, which supplies her with ready-made garments, was hit by a hurricane.

However, because Abigail uses Kavida, she already knew there could be an issue with her two purchase orders and 13 line items. This is why Robert received an email from Abigail this morning asking him if the order would be delayed, which prompted him to react faster. As a result, Abigail was able to inform her team of a possible delay and find an alternative supplier closer to home.

But it’s not just Abigail and Robert who were able to help each other. Abigail’s entire team has one shared view of all inbound orders. Before she could get to her meetings, her account managers were already on the phone to the customers, pre-emptively warning them and exploring alternative options. They were able to use Kavida’s built-in AI to give a predictive ETA and assess the severity.

Why is Kavida essential?

Kavida’s dashboard provides a complete overview of purchase orders and suppliers, making it easy to identify risks and issues early on. With Kavida, companies can focus on growth initiatives without worrying about supply chain disruptions and optimize their inventory to prevent unhappy customers and reputation damage.

With our dashboard, companies can identify risks and issues early on and take proactive measures to prevent them. This means less unhappy customers and avoided reputational damage. Better supply chain risk management enables companies to make informed decisions about their inventory levels and avoid overstocking or under stocking.

Supply chain disruptions are the biggest risk to achieving financial objectives with 60% of revenue tied up in inventory. Kavida’s real-time risk alerts allow companies to protect their inventory in motion and avoid stock outs.

How do different business functions
benefit using Kavida?

The benefits and advantages of a resilient PO management system include:

Automated supply chain execution

Early detection of disruptions

Deep analytics on supplier performance

Lower inventory costs

Reduced stock outs

Manage by exceptions

End to end visibility

Deep analytics on operational risk

Data driven sourcing strategies

Happier customers

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management system in action

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