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PO revisions

Agent PO tracks and identifies all PO revisions, following up with suppliers and raising alerts for you to manage by exception for orders that need it.

Key benefits of automated PO revision management.

No last-minute supplier updates

Avoid last-minute supplier updates with automated follow-ups, ensuring you catch PO revisions early. 

Daily summary of immediate tasks

Receive a daily summary of critical PO revisions that require your attention, allowing you to manage by exception.

Stronger supplier relationships

Create a routine for your suppliers through automation, building more reliable supplier relationships.

How automated PO revisions work.

40% of POs change after being raised in their ERP. These changes are then tracked on back-and-forth emails. It’s manual, time-consuming and creates the risk of critical changes being missed in your inbox. Managing PO revisions with Agent PO is much more efficient. Once you sign in and confirm your active orders, Agent PO starts tracking any changes made to your POs. It reads through supplier communications, ensuring every change is captured and documented.

Weekly supplier follow-ups to catch PO revisions early.

Agent PO follows up with suppliers weekly on your behalf to confirm order status updates, enabling you to be notified about any possible changes as soon as possible. With its multi-language support, Agent PO translates communications as needed, so you don’t have to spend extra time understanding your suppliers.

PO revision alerts to manage by exception.

You will receive alerts to confirm PO revisions via email and MS Teams, allowing you to manage by exceptions rather than constantly monitoring every order or having missed changes buried in your inbox. Alerts will be delivered to the relevant team members or departments that need to approve the change.

More Post PO automations.

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Order visibility

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Automate document follow-up for material certificates.

See Agent PO in action.

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