Risk as a Service

Supply chain risk alerts
delivered to the right
person, at the right time

Protect your supply chain with Risk as a Service:
Kavida provides a dedicated risk team to help enterprises monitor their real time threats


Real time supply chain risk monitoring

Alerts delivered through platform, email, API, excel, WhatsApp, SMS and phone.

Risk intelligence delivered to whom it matters

Actionable risk intelligence is delivered directly to the individuals responsible for making the decision, ensuring they receive the intelligence in a timely and effective manner through direct email and phone call interventions from our risk team.

Total visibility of your real time supply chain risks

Total supply chain risk visibility provides organizations with the assurance that they will never miss a disruption threat. With a comprehensive view of all risks and vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain, organizations are able to proactively identify and address potential threats in real time and eliminate unexpected surprises.

Dedicated risk team monitoring your operations

Strengthen your resilience with a risk dedicated team – a true extension of your own. Our unwavering focus is on supporting the continuity of your supply chain through expert risk detection, actionable intelligence, and personalized support via email, phone and online support.

Kavida provides comprehensive risk coverage

Test drive our geo risk data

Search for countries or ports and view real time risks

Supply chain is your greatest
source of financial risk

60% of revenue is held in inventory and supply chain disruptions
have become routine.

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1 years EBITDA lost every decade due to supply chain disruptions (McKinsey & Company)

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CFO’s report supply chain as a signficant or moderate risk to financial objectives (BDO)

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CFO’s report reputational damage as the biggest cost of supply chain disurptions

We’ve delivered
millions of alerts