Supply Chain Digital Twin

Decision platform providing real time risk intelligence and decision support

Disruption Decision Platform

Faster & Smarter Resiliency Starts with 
Data & Simulations

Kavida.ai uses artificial intelligence to sift through millions of data points, interpret unstructured data and provides optimal decision support

It would take...

125, 000 hours

for a single supply chain manager or risk analyst to do the same every day

7 decision makers

for every disruption response decision

£42,402, 198

Average yearly cost of supply chain disruption for $1bn EDITDA enterprise

AI perspective 

Get a 360 view of relevant disruption threats, their impact and your optimal decisions

Uncover hidden threats and foresee disruptions

Monitor relevant emerging disruption threats from all across the world on a singular platform

Quantify the customer impact 

Quantify and compare the customer impact of disruptions and different resiliency decisions

Take decisive and optimal decisions

Confidently respond with optimal decisions that maximise for impact and minimise for cost

Minimise the time to respond

React instantly to unforeseeable disruptions like earthquakes

Quantify the financial impact

Quantify and compare the financial impact of disruptions and different resiliency decisions

Stress test resiliency 

Build and simulate custom disruption scenarios to identify vulnerabilities in advance

Supply Chain Digital Twin Built Custom To Your Operations

Kavida Serves Enterprises From Across The Value Chain





Monitor Live Disruption Threats

Minimise the response time and foresee disruptions by applying artificial intelligence to automatically surface relevant disruption events

Kavida.ai Detects & Simulates All Types of Supply Chain Disruptions 

Digital Disruption Simulations Examples

pexels-tom-fisk-2226458 (3).jpg

Spike in Covid-19 Cases at Supplier Sites or Critical Ports


Locust Swarms 

Weather Disruptions 






Supplier Bankruptcy