Real Time Risk Detection

Our AI analyses millions of data sources every hour to show you which purchase orders and suppliers are at risk of late deliveries and why.
An iPad mockup of Kavida's Intelligence page, where users have geographical information about their suppliers and risks that are tagged to them. Risk notifications are hovering over the mockup to inform users.A collection of risk notifications that are overlayed on top of the iPad mockup

Port & Vessel Tracking

Gain visibility over sea freight through real time tracking of your vessel and container. Get hourly updated ETA from source to destination ports. Identify port congestion early by monitoring critical ports.
An iPad mockup showing the platform's Shipping Tracker, with a real time visualiser of any shipping vessels, as well as vessel information

Lead time Prediction & Milestone Tracker

Granular visibility of your purchase orders from production stages through to shipping with out milestone tracker. Take alternative decisions with confidence with our lead time prediction AI
An iPad tablet mockup of the platform's Milestone Tracker, where clients can see timelines of their PO and any communications that the supplier has provided per PO milestone

PO Follow up Automation

Eliminate your purchase order follow up workflow with our automation tool. Get an instant snapshot of PO status, risks, and new delivery dates.
An iPad tablet mockup displaying the Command Tower, where the user gets high level overview of all their suppliers and POs

Financial Health Monitoring

Take informed credit, sourcing, and partnership decisions by monitoring the financial health of suppliers and customers. Our solution predicts the likelihood of bankruptcy using 4 models.
An iPad mockup of the Supplier Financial Prediction