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Stockout alerts

Agent PO integrates with additional ERP data to give you real-time order insights and visibility of inventory, and alerts you to possible stockouts early on.

Benefits of stockout alerts with Agent PO.

Less time spent navigating ERP screens

Cut down the time-consuming process of navigating through multiple ERP screens to get the information you need.

Real-time insights on order information

Access real-time and historical data on orders and inventory, enabling your team to make informed decisions quickly.

Proactive alerts for potential shortages

Receive alerts on potential shortages, allowing you to manage inventory proactively.

Setting up Agent PO for stockout alerts.

Setting up Agent PO is simple. Sign in with your email, confirm your active orders, and in under 3 minutes Agent PO will structure your orders. Once your data is structured, Agent PO will be able to provide real-time insights and visibility over your order information. This setup gives you immediate access to critical data. 

How stockout alerts work.

Agent PO integrates with your ERP to gather additional data on your inventory and historical order information. You can set up automations to be notified of potential shortages early on. You can also query Kavida’s copilot for more inventory insights to get instant answers for questions like “What is the current status of order X?” or “Are there any expected shortages for material A?”.

Enabling better collaboration with Agent PO.

Multiple departments can receive alerts and query the copilot to manage by exception. Once integrated, Agent PO collects post-PO data, integrates with your ERP, and obtains stock and other relevant data. You can run automations, such as daily stock reports or structured inventory reports, and set up sequences of automations that streamline your operations. Agent PO can generate information on supplier performance and past ordering policies to provide you with the next best steps to manage your potential stockout (i.e. who is the best supplier to order from).

More Pre PO automations.

New order reports

Reports on optimal supplier and best ordering policies.


Instant inventory & ERP data visibility for internal stakeholders.

See Agent PO in action.

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