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Order confirmations

Order confirmations slipping by because you manage 100+ suppliers? Agent PO automates communications with your suppliers to ensure you get order confirmations on time and none of your orders get missed.

Automated order confirmation and it’s key benefits.

Automated supplier follow-ups

No more delays in getting order confirmations with automated follow-ups, saving you
valuable time.

Delayed order confirmation alerts

Receive alerts for delayed supplier responses, ensuring you are always aware of orders not confirmed or rejected.

Multi lingual support

Agent PO understands and translates multiple languages, so you don’t waste time translating communications from your suppliers.

How automated order confirmations work.

Getting set up with Agent PO is simple. In under 3 minutes, you sign in with your email, confirm your active orders, and Agent PO will start reading your supplier communications to organize your active orders. If any order confirmations are missing or once a PO is raised, Agent PO will consistently follow up with your supplier to get them sent across.

Automated multi-lingual supplier follow-ups.

Agent PO understands and translates 60+ languages, so you don’t need to spend time translating communications to understand your suppliers. You will receive alerts for accepted, rejected orders or missing confirmations via email and MS Teams.

Manage by exception for order confirmation.

Order confirmations are the first post PO problem procurement teams face after an order has been raised. Unacknowledged orders happen all the time when the entire process is manual, often leading to order delays because your supplier never confirmed the order to begin with. Agent PO allows you to manage exceptions efficiently for your order confirmations, rather than manually tracking thousands of orders and hundreds of suppliers, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Instant order visibility for internal stakeholders.

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Automate, identify and raise alerts for PO revisions.

Material certificate due

Automate document follow-up for material certificates.

See Agent PO in action.

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