We protect supply chains

Building AI to support your resilience goals is our obsession.

We’re solving the supply chain crisis

At, we are solving one of the biggest problems facing the world, supply chain resilience.
Manufacturers, retailers, and brands need certainty in their supply chains to fulfil their customer promises.

Our clients are moving fast to resolve the supply chain vulnerabilities which were unearthed in 2020-2021.

They know a new type of thinking is required to overcome the challenges of this new unstable operating environment.

Why is Kavida essential? Integrated data provides viable solutions

In supply chains, there is an abundance of data but without the ability to operationalise it, the data is useless. Our platform provide actionable tool to leverage data for unparalleled visibility and control over the supply chain.

Conceived during the pandemic

In 2019, our founders discovered a huge issue impacting companies and society. Supply chain risk management. Cost economics had driven the globalisation of supply chains but globalisation had also exponentially increased disruption exposure. At the same time, disruption events had increased in frequency and severity.

This was a ticking timebomb. One which could also have a catastrophic human cost.

The problem? Nobody wanted to talk about supply chain resilience in 2019.

Fast forward four months and a pandemic had unearthed those vulnerabilities. It was now or never.

The start of Kavida

One week before UK lockdown in March 2020, our CEO created a volunteer AI community The goal was to mobilise AI talent to help alleviate the issues in food supply chains. There was a clear lack of solutions. Covid had pushed 250m to the brink of starvation.

297 engineers applied, 83 were interviewed and this created a community of 31 engineers from across the world (50% UK).

Thats where Anam met Sumit and the two spun off into a startup with a core team of 5 from the volunteer AI group.

A year later we joined in the journey by industry leader Qima who led our first round of investment and continue to be a key strategic partner in the supply chain resilience mission.

Our team

Anam Rahman

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Sumit Sinha (Phd)

Cofounder & Chief Technology Officer

Aran Fernando

Head of Sales – Asia

Kevin Musprett

Head of Growth

Asa Sabsono

Lead Software Engineer

Sridharan M (PhD)

Full Stack Architect

Malarkodi (PhD)

Snr. Data Scientist

Devansh Choubey

Lead Data Scientist

Princy Mariayesu

Front End Developer

Avdhut Nalawade

Snr. DevOps Engineer

Jose Urbano

UX Designer

Crystal Kuthoor

Operations Associate


Social Media Manager


Risk Analyst


Risk Analyst


Jr. Data Scientist


Back End Engineer

Sagar Bhanushali

Back End Engineer


Front End Developer

Derisk procurement,
protect your purchase orders

Kavida consolidates all your purchase orders so you can have one centralized platform to
track your orders, communicate with suppliers and detect risks that may delay delivery.