Purchase order
management system to

derisk procurement

Kavida helps procurement teams manage their purchase
orders with global suppliers to prevent stock outs.


Manage your global purchase orders
after placing them

Document management

Kavida automatically requests and files documents for all your purchase orders with a centralised and collaborative documentation management system to save time requesting and auditing documents.

Shipment tracking

Real time ETD and ETA from source to destination port for every purchase order with the ability to monitor congestion at your critical ports to enable accurate delivery dates.

Purchase order
risk alerts

Early identification of risks throughout the purchase order life cycle to enable better coordination with suppliers and effective execution of mitigation strategies.


Gain complete visibility of communications throughout your PO life cycle with a centralised communication hub to coordinate with suppliers through email, WhatsApp, WeChat and voice communications.

Total visibility of
inventory in motion

Track your inventory and shipments as they move. With the ability to stay on top of your inventory in motion, you can make informed decisions, plan for contingencies and keep your business running smoothly.

Reduced lead times with early risk detection

At the heart of Kavida is risk management: real-time alerts on potential issues that could increase the lead time of your order. With our system, it’s easy to detect and mitigate risks, and ensure your orders is not delayed.

procurement execution

Automated workflows for supplier documentation and delivery date requests. Effortless supplier collaboration, streamlined procurement execution meaning more time for other important tasks.

procurement teams use

Our work with Kavida has been an eye opener in what can be done to de-risk our supply chain and repurpose technology to make better, more informed decisions

Jeevith Seneratne

Operations Director, Star Garments Group

Overwhelmed procurement teams
switch to Kavida

Disruptions have become routine. Procurement teams can’t rely on long email
chains and excel sheets to manage their orders.

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Time saved managing documents
and chasing delivery dates

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Lower inventory costs with better
supply chain risk management

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Lower customer complaints of
shortages and delays

How Kavida
protects your supply chain

Derisk procurement,
protect your purchase orders

Kavida consolidates all your purchase orders so you can have one centralized platform to
track your orders, communicate with suppliers and detect risks that may delay delivery.