Case Studies

Find out how Kavida protects your supply chain and uncovers hidden insights in real time

On time supplier deliveries for better production planning
and informing customers of supply risks earlier
Case Study: Star Garments Group

Early detection of disruptions in the supply chain

Find out how Kavida provided Star Garments with real time risk detection capabilities to monitor potential threats to purchase orders and suppliers so they could inform customers early

E-commerce - Apparel & Footwear
Less time spent on supply chain execution and non value added tasks
Case Study: UK Apparel SME

Automated documentation management and chasing supplier delivery dates

Find out how a UK apparel brand was able to free up 80% of procurement managers time by automating its documentation management and delivery date requests for over 300 purchase orders from 25 suppliers across asia

Real time risk intelligence to provide visibility into operational risks impacting suppliers and their facilities
Case Study: Craft

Real time risk intelligence across global supply chain

Find out how Craft was able to provide its clients with alerts concerning their supply chain and uncover hidden insights using big data

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