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Agent PO improves collaboration across departments by providing instant access to inventory visibility, planning insights, and real-time data querying, eliminating the need to rely on procurement for information.

Improved collaboration with Agent PO.

Instant order and inventory visibility

Get instant visibility over inventory levels and active order information, enabling better decision-making.

Access to real-time and historical insights

Access real-time and historical data to drive better decisions about suppliers and ordering policies.

Query ERP data using natural language

Query ERP data using natural language, reducing time spent on ERPs, internal communication back-and-forth and improving collaboration across departments.

Set up Agent PO to improve collaboration.

Setting up Agent PO is simple. Sign in with your email, confirm your active orders, and Agent PO will provide real-time insights and visibility over your order information and suppliers. This setup ensures the relevant departments have immediate access to critical data on active POs, helping you make informed decisions.

Query ERP data for instant order visibility.

Post PO data can be used to inform pre PO decisions, such as optimal suppliers and ordering. Agent PO also integrates with your ERP to gather more data on inventory levels, historical orders, and supplier performance. This integration automates data mining, allowing teams to set up alerts for potential stockouts and query ERP data for inventory information. For example, team members can ask, “How many metal bars do we have in stock?” or “When is 30mm steel plates coming in?” and receive immediate answers. 

Eliminate cross-department bottlenecks.

Different departments can receive automation alerts and query ERP data to manage their tasks without relying on procurement. This reduces time-consuming back-and-forth communication and enables better collaboration. Agent PO provides comprehensive reports by combining data from multiple streams, including post PO data. This helps with planning by offering real-time data reports on suppliers, orders, and stock. For example, teams can query, “What is the current status of order X?” or “How should I handle this material stockout?” and use historical data to improve internal decision-making processes.

More Pre PO automations.

Stockout alerts

et early alerts for potential stockouts.

New order reports

Reports on optimal supplier and best ordering policies.

See Agent PO in action.

Get a demo and discover how manufacturing purchasing teams use Kavida to automate their post PO management.