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New order reports

Agent PO uses historical and real-time data around inventory, stock, active orders, and suppliers to generate comprehensive reports on optimal suppliers and best ordering policies to place new orders.

Benefits of new order reports with Agent PO.

Instant visibility over inventory in motion

Agent PO provides visibility over inventory, stock, and active orders, reducing the need to navigate ERP screens to identify what new orders to place.

Proactive alerts to avoid stockouts

Agent PO generates alerts when you are reaching potential stockouts, enabling a proactive approach to ordering.

Improved planning for new orders

Agent PO generates reports on optimal suppliers and best ordering policies, enabling better decision-making.

Setting up Agent PO for new order reports.

Setting up Agent PO is simple. Sign in with your email, confirm your active orders, and Agent PO will provide real-time insights and visibility over your order information. This setup ensures you have immediate access to critical data, helping you stay on top of your inventory needs.

ERP integration for improved visibility.

Agent PO integrates with your ERP to gather additional data on your inventory and historical order information. Typically, this process is very manual, but Agent PO does the data mining for you, combing through inventory information to generate new order reports. Once the ERP integration is complete, you can also set up automations for stockout alerts.

Detailed new order reports with Agent PO.

These reports include information on supplier performances, past ordering policies, and more, to enable faster decision making. Kavida’s platform enables teams to generate real-time data reports on suppliers, orders, and stock, allowing them to analyze and aggregate historical data to drive better decisions across supplier selection. For example, recognizing optimal suppliers for different parts. Teams can also handle potential stockouts by querying, “How should I handle this material stockout?”. The platform uses historical data on suppliers to generate options around placing an order or transferring stock from another warehouse.

More Pre PO automations.

Stockout alerts

Get early alerts for potential stockouts.


Instant inventory & ERP data visibility for internal stakeholders.

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