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Order visibility

Agent PO enables instant order visibility, eliminating hours of manual work and break-in-flow states for procurement, allowing internal stakeholders to get the information they need in seconds.

Benefits of order visibility with Agent PO.

Real-time data, analytics and reporting

The platform provides real-time data and reports on orders, allowing departments like production planning to bypass procurement and get instant visibility over orders.

Querying ERP data using natural language

Stakeholders can query ERP data using natural language, removing the need to navigate multiple ERP screens to get the information they need.

Real-time alerts for critical orders

Relevant internal stakeholders receive real-time alerts for critical orders via MS Teams, Slack, or email, enabling management by exception.

How Agent PO enables instant order visibility.

The most critical data often lies in the inbox of procurement managers and their communication with suppliers post PO (i.e. after an order has been raised). Agent PO structures this data from automations, allowing users to simply ask questions like “When do I have X Part coming in?” and receive immediate answers.

Integration of additional data for inventory visibility.

You can integrate additional ERP and inventory data to generate real-time reports on orders, suppliers, and stock. This removes cross-department bottlenecks and allows stakeholders to make faster decisions around stock, suppliers and their orders.

Real-time alerts for exceptions management.

With real-time alerts sent to the relevant departments, you can manage by exception. This reduces internal back-and-forth communication between departments and procurement, ensuring critical tasks are addressed faster.

More Post PO automations.

Order confirmations

Automate supplier follow-ups for order confirmations.

PO revisions

Automate, identify and raise alerts for PO revisions.

Material certificate due

Automate document follow-up for material certificates.

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