Kavida Copilot

Which of my orders are delayed? What is the ETA for my container? What are my pending order documents? What are the risks affecting my suppliers? Send an email to my supplier.

Introducing Kavida Copilotbeta

The power of AI is coming to supply chain. Ask PO information, execute
operational tasks and identify delays to your orders.

Ask purchase order information

Swiftly access a variety of information related to your purchase orders. You can ask Kavida information around your ETA, pending order documents, latest ex-mill date and supplier information.

What is the ETA of my order?

Get to know risks delaying your orders

Get to know global risks that are affecting your suppliers, Kavida acts as your personal assistant to help you detect and proactively avoid any potential delays to your orders.

Which of my orders are delayed?

Execute operational tasks

Execute operational tasks and save time in your day-to-day workflow, say goodbye to manual follow ups and hello to automated procurement execution.

Send an email to my supplier.

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