Meet Kavida’s Copilot, a breakthrough AI supply chain assistant.


Kavida bridges the gap between your ERP and your supplier network

Kavida integrates with your ERP so that once purchase orders are raised, they move onto Kavida to be confirmed and managed until fulfillment.


The ability to integrate with a host of ERP systems.


Seamless collaboration with dedicated supplier portals.


Integrate your Outlook, Gmail, WhatsApp and WeChat for coordinated supplier comms.

Don’t use an ERP?

Find out how to onboard your supplier and order information without an ERP system.

Discover Kavida for your ERP

Kavida integrates with a range of leading ERP systems used by manufacturers across the globe.

Your orders change 60% of the time

Manual processes like spreadsheets, emails, and those stray post-it notes create chaos.

Kavida facilitates the collaboration of changes to delivery dates, documents, and production schedules between you and your supplier throughout your order lifecycle.

Multi channel communication to your supplier network

All your order and supplier information will be consolidated into a dashboard, giving you complete visibility into orders that are on track and orders that require your attention.

We still got you covered

Simply upload a spreadsheet of your supplier and order information to the platform. Our onboarding team will notify you once your data has been processed and imported.

Combine automation and risk intelligence

Explore Kavida’s order management platform today.