Meet Kavida’s Copilot, a breakthrough AI supply chain assistant.


Kavida is provided free to your suppliers – no account setup required

A supplier-facing portal for collaboration on changes to delivery dates, documents, and production schedules between you and your supplier.


Easy-to-use supplier facing portal for your suppliers to update.


Collaborate with your suppliers on the latest delivery dates.


Onboard your supplier and order information and unlock value fast.


A dedicated order chat for seamless communication.

Visibility of all ongoing orders

Instant access to the status of every item and order, ensuring transparency and accountability with your suppliers.

Be aligned on your latest delivery date

Automatically request the latest delivery date periodically to make sure your supplier is aligned with your production schedule and avoid potentials risks of delays.

Collaborate and organize your order documents

Request order documents so your suppliers are aware of any missing documents that requires their attention.

An order chat to stay on-the-know

Your suppliers now have the ability to communicate any ongoing issues with your orders through a dedicated order chat so you are on the same page every time.

Combine automation and risk intelligence

Explore Kavida’s order management platform today.

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