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Enterprise risk as a service

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  • Dedicated risk monitoring team
  • Purchase order alerts
  • Supplier alerts
  • Facilities location monitoring
  • Port congestion
  • ESG risk alerts
  • Commodities
  • Shipment
  • Custom topics
  • Custom market intelligence
  • + more

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I get started?

In under 24 hours Kavida customer success rep will set you up and you can start managing your orders and gaining new levels of supply chain visibility. Within 7 days, all of your suppliers will be onboarded and our automation feature is deployed. The customer success rep will have up to 3 onboarding sessions with you in the first 7 days to make sure you’re set up for success.

Do my suppliers need to buy the software?

No. Suppliers do not buy or log into the platform. They receive email communications from the platform and they respond to the emails, in the same way they’ve always done.

Will you warn me if my order will be delayed?

Yes. The platform provides alerts, notifications and emails every time there is a high risk to a PO or line item. You’ll also receive a phone call directly from customer success who will be monitoring your supply chain for urgent risk issues which will lead to your orders being delayed

We raise our purchase orders on our ERP system, how will this work with Kavida?

We integrate with ERP systems for a one-off fee. Once a PO has been raise on the ERP, it moves onto Kavida to be managed until fulfilment. Changes to the order, documents and delivery dates are pushed back into the ERP. Integration avoids duplication of data entry and can be completed in under 30 days. If you’re managing over 30 suppliers, we’d recommend it.

Do I need an ERP to get started?

No. Kavida lets you create orders and add suppliers on the platform. It takes 30 seconds to create an order with multiple line items.

Do you provide additional training?

Yes. For our SME and enterprise subscriptions, we provide onsite team onboarding workshops.

How can we test Kavida before we commit to an annual SME annual contract?

We recommend starting your journey with our monthly Starter subscription and using Kavida for 3 months for a small number of suppliers. This lets you experiments the full benefits before making an annual contract decision

We want to add more users and suppliers. How will that be billed?

If you’re on our monthly subscription, we will bill you at the end of the month based on your new usage. If you’re on our annual subscriptions, we will bill you with a one-off invoice.

Still have questions?

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